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Plus Size Goths

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A community catering to the plus-sized members of such subcultures as goths, punks, and other alternative fashions, as well as fashion designers, or anyone else interested in plus-size clothing.

Both genders are welcome - our gothic boys need clothes as much as the female fashionistas!

The rules are simple:

1 - Please be respectful. Helpful would be nice, too. Rude, sexist, racist, or size-ist comments will not be permitted. You will recieve one warning, and after that, I reserve the right to remove you immediately. Remember - one warning.

2 - Please use LJcuts when appropriate. This includes posts with more than one photo, extremely long posts, or anything with possibly questionably content. If in doubt, cut it. That's all I ask.

(Still not sure? Check Memories, above!)

3 - Keep profanity to a minimum. Yes, even I enjoy the occasional expletive, but please, let's keep this remotely PG-13.

4 - This is not a fetish community. If you like big men or women, feel free to say so - but any overtly lewd content will be closely reviewed. Nudity is permitted EXCLUSIVELY in the context of fashion (though I can't see how it would be). Pornography is NOT permitted, and will result in immediate deletion of the post, and removal from the community.

5 - Any questions regarding these rules can be directed to me (see below) either on the community or via email. Before you do, however, please check the Memories section above, which serves as an ever-growing FAQ.

That said - come on in, and have some fun!

-Tyler (gothicrevival87)

(Revised: October 28, 2003)